Since the invention and marketing of the first electronic cigarette shortly before 2010 and its subsequent global buzz, many questions and doubts remain in the eyes of the public regarding its harmfulness and toxicity.

What we are able to affirm today, supported by pharmacological studies, is that inhaling an e-cigarette is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. This conclusion occurs in 100% of toxicological studies carried out on various models and brands currently on the market worldwide.

Also, no analysis equipment currently used in research is technically capable of detecting harmful substances over the long term in the (approved) products used during the creation of vapor from a cigar or electronic cigarette .

Of course, the simplest thing would be not to vape or smoke, but this revolutionary concept allows us for the first time to have fun without killing ourselves but also to gradually get rid of nicotine without stress.

A traditional cigarette has its own style, appears to use natural elements such as paper and tobacco, visually presenting no modification or danger. Only during the processing and manufacturing of a cigarette, several hundred chemical substances are added to tobacco, which once dried become invisible and imperceptible.

Added to this is combustion which activates other harmful substances.
When we think about it seriously, we can say to ourselves that we are inhaling flavored tobacco on fire in our lungs and we must take into account that the composition, the “recipe” for manufacturing a cigarette remains legally unknown to this day.

Conversely, the liquid allowing the electronic cigarette to exist is officially known and visible on any official website. There is no manufacturing secret on what these liquids are made of and the ingredients are in very small numbers: Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (which keeps the liquid in vapor), distilled water, food flavors and possibly nicotine. 

At XO HAVANA we purchase the raw materials used to compose our flavors from a supplier that has been known worldwide for decades and specializes in the development of food flavors.


Our flavors are made in France in a laboratory. For the composition of our range, we only use certified food flavors, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (PG / VG). We offer two options: Without or With Nicotine Salt, which allows people who do not want nicotine to use our products. Nicotine-free flavors are recommended for people who have never ingested them and for people who no longer want to use them.

The flavors of the XO Havana electronic cigar have been certified and officially approved by the SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance, Geneva).


Our liquid nicotine is manufactured by a recognized supplier who only uses strictly regulated products, and we work hand in hand to offer you the highest quality on the market. All products containing nicotine salt have been clinically tested and officially approved.


Our recyclable electronic cigar is RoHS certified, this directive limits six dangerous ingredients in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic products. RoHS helps reduce harm to people and the environment in developing countries, where much of e-waste unfortunately ends up. RoHS has also brought very good health benefits to electronics industry employees in prototyping and manufacturing departments.

They are also SGS certified, which ensures that all products comply with international standards.

And finally, our products are CE certified, which means that they comply with European directives on consumer safety, health and environmental laws.

Recolte tabac XO HAVANA cigare electronmique et e-cigarette Smarty Q