However, we found the equipment complex to use, heavy and above all without visual appeal.

We very quickly thought that this novelty would become of public utility but also that it would be used as a fashion accessory. It was therefore more than necessary to take into account its look and design in order to make it attractive and so that it could be used with pride.

We set to work always keeping visual appeal, efficiency and ease of use in mind. We also carried out various placebo operations and noticed that almost 50% of cigarette addiction is a gestural addiction and not a nicotine addiction. Performing the same gestures thousands of times for years creates psychological discomfort when suddenly stopping smoking.

After several months of design and testing, we have finalized a first model: SMARTY Q BLACK , the first slim e-cigarette, using pre-filled, sealed and sterilized cartridges and requiring no liquid handling or learning to use.
Like a traditional cigarette, 2 gestures are enough to put it into use: screw a cartridge and inhale VS light a cigarette and inhale. We reduced it in size so that it could be held between two fingers and we made it automatic, you just have to inhale to activate it.

We put it on the market and were quickly spotted by several media and reputable brands, here are some examples:

NEW YORK TIMES Thursday Style: The Smarty Q BLACK

capsule electronic cigarette has been selected as the most glamorous model on the market by the New York Times Style edition.

Nytimes Smarty Q e-cigarette


Olivier Girard, CEO of Smarty Q and XO HAVANA, in an interview in the DTLUX to develop the link between fashion and this new concept of electronic cigarette.

Smarty Q E-cigarette Olivier Girard DTLUX


Many thanks to GQ for featuring us in their Taiwan edition! 

We are proud to have succeeded in developing models of electronic cigarettes and cigar vapes finally adapted to all smokers, effective and elegant! 

Discover our flagship model here  XO HAVANA

And find us on GQ Taiwan:

GQ TAIWAN Smarty Q electronic cigarette


A pride also to have been spotted and mentioned in the Louis Vuitton guide grouping the brands and brands of reputation.

Smarty Q electronic cigarette Louis Vuitton Paris guide

Colette Paris Saint Honoré:

The essential “colette” brand on rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré was the first to trust us and to integrate our models among the hundreds of incredible and artistic novelties present continuously in its concept store. We are really proud to have created a clientele there and thank you to Colette for making us known throughout the world.

electronic cigarette Smarty Q Paris colette concept store

We had the great honor to meet the famous Belgian writer Luc Deflo, customer of our cigarette and our e-cigar, and who during the writing of his novel "Phobia", adapted the story of the main hero of his thriller by making him quit smoking with the XO HAVANA cigar vape. 
Luc Deflo Smarty Q electronic cigarette XO HAVANA e-cigar