We offer travel in two flavors



If your idea of a good time is sipping on some mojitos before lunch or touring the city of Havana for shopping, good eats, museum tours or a dip at the beach, this is your best bet. Highly recommended for honeymoons too!


For those that need to take the vacation speed up a notch, these packages are serve the typical outdoorsman and sport enthusiast looking to break a sweat and experience the less touristy side of Havana.  



All Leisure & Adventure vacations include everything you need for feeling most at home as soon as you arrive.


Visa / Paperwork

Book your trip and we will take care of the all tedious paperwork. In addition, our groups are processed as one unit for expedited service.

3 Meals per Day

No-hassle dining throughout the day at of our selected Top 20 Restaurants. This is offered inclusively in our Leisure and Weekend getaways.

BNB Lodging

Personable home lodging in one of Cuba's "casa particulars." Our select stays are always hosted by the most gracious hosts.

Locally Sourced

Our company was founded on helping the people of Cuba and offering them meaningful ways to work and make a living.


backed with our promise

We are confident in providing our guests the most memorable experience possible during their visit in Cuba. We back this up.



We have partnered with the top restaurants in Havana: the most delicious, the most entertaining, the most hopping. If you aren't pleased, do not hesitate to contact our Concierge for a reimbursed Restaurant or Cafe Voucher.



Our translators are delightful and easy going, promising to let you speak freely and be understood.  The Concierge office is your primary contact. When in doubt, we promise to take your call. Day or night. 

Personal driver & car

We have great drivers with super personalities. They are knowledgable of the city and how to get you there safely. Now it is possible riding in a 60 year old car could breakdown. We are prepared to find you another car immediately.


Casas (Bed n' breakfast)

We have spent a long time finding Bed & Breakfast houses for our guests. We slept in those very rooms to know it would please our vacationers. Want another room? It is no problem. We will transfer you within 24 hours during your visit.