Yes we can still travel to Cuba♥️

The U.S. State Department announced updated Travel policy but XOHAVANA is still legally traveling to the island.

So, can I still travel to Cuba? Yes, you can!

  1. Family Visit (FAMILY)
  2. Official Government Business (GOVMT)
  3. Journalistic Activity (JOURN)
  4. Professional Research & Meetings (PRORM)
  5. Educational Activities or People-to-People Exchanges (EDUCA)
  6. Religious Activities (RELIG)
  7. Sports & Public Events (PERFO)
  8. Support for the Cuban People (SUPRT)
  9. Humanitarian Projects (HUMAN)
  10. Research (PRIRM)
  11. Information Materials (INFOR)
  12. Authorized Export Activities (EXPRT)
  13. OFAC Specific License (LICEN)

XOHAVANA, unlike most other agencies traveling to Cuba, our travel programs focus on utilizing individuals rather than state-owned businesses.

Current updates to policy are in the attempts to limit tourism dollars from supporting the Cuban's government's military, intelligence and state-own business ventures and infrastructures, these are still the viable reasons for traveling the island. We abide by four of these permissible (highlighted) :

XOHAVANA has 4 reasons why you can travel to Cuba with us. We are proud to pledge that our long weekend and excursion packages support the Cuba's citizens. We believe in promoting freedom and equal business opportunities.

If we wanted to get technical, XOHAVANA's trips, viably qualifies for People-to-People Exchanges (5), Sports & Public Events (7), Support for the Cuban People (8) and Journalistic Activity (3) due to our internal social media marketing platform bringing back stories and personal accounts from our beloved travelers.