(Asheville, NC) October 22, 2015: Today Asheville Media Company XO CREW, producers of the XOASHEVILLE or XOAVL online magazine, announced their intention to create a new vacationing service based out of Havana, Cuba. Their newest branch XOHAVANA will start as a safe and easy traveling service for American couples, families, and backpackers to not only voyage to the infamous gem of the Caribbean, but experience it luxuriously.

Travelers only have to find their way to Miami. Once there, XOHAVANA arranges an overnight stay in a hotel near Miami International Airport. A host is there to arrange for guests’ flights and paperwork details, including authorized Travel Visas. Within Havana, all hotel accommodations are sorted and upon arrival, guests receive a complimentary cell phone with access to the Havana Concierge Office.

Travelers will also have a direct number to an assigned personal driver that will take them anywhere between noon and midnight. Restaurant venues are hand picked by XO’s food critics that curate the most savory treats for any foodie. Events and sightseeing options are coordinated with the concierge office to assure a personalized experience for each traveling party.

Each vacation package is designed with a “do it at your own pace” theme, comfortably inclusive of all things necessary to both relax and invigorate ourselves. Co-founder Anthony Abraira, a first generation Cuban American says XOHAVANA “completes a circle for me … my parents emigrated close to five decades ago and now we are looking at ways to reconnect old families and new American friends to the nation.”

XOHAVANA’s Executive Director Martin Radford adds, “we want to empower citizens of Cuba to assist us in creating the most memorable travel experiences … and, in turn, to start helping the country by engaging in its tourism market since it has so much to offer.”

The company’s launch date for these travel services is expected to surface by the beginning of Spring — just in time for pique season.

XOHAVANA is a project spear-headed by XO CREW of Asheville, North Carolina. Established 5 years ago, the media company introduced an online magazine called XOAVL in the heart of the city. Designed to create an artist-first perspective of the city’s celebrated culture while also drawing light to its subcultures and other obscurities of interest.

(Asheville, NC) July 18, 2016:  INDER has recently granted Cuba Sports Travel Agency, a newly incorporated company headquartered in Asheville, NC, special and exclusive permission for several opportunities in Cuba.  INDER (Nacional de Deportes, Educacion Fiscia y la Recreacion) is a government agency that umbrellas all sports at all levels.  Cuba Sports Travel Agency will now be allowed to host a College Softball tournament in February 2017 in Havana, Cuba.  INDER has also allowed Cuba Sports Travel Agency to sponsor the Cuban National Baseball Team beginning in early 2017.  Cuba Sports Travel Agency will also sponsor and host several tournaments for the Cuban National Softball Team.

The largest tournament currently allowed by INDER is a college softball tournament in Havana, Cuba during the month of February.  Hosted by the Cuban National Team and a to-be-determined college team, this exclusive tournament is invitation-only.

This past spring, President Obama visited Cuba and watched the Tampa Bay Rays play the Cuban National Team in the Latino Americano Stadium filled with over 50,000 fans.  Cuban government officials always expect sizable crowds for games played in this stadium.  They have expressed an expectation for attendance records to be set at the tournaments Cuba Sports Travel Agency will help execute.  

Cuba Sports Travel Agency is working in conjunction with a different travel company, XOHAVANA, to help parents and fans find the services necessary to watch their favorite teams in one of the greatest baseball and softball atmospheres in the world.