Treat yourself to a Labor Day weekend of sights, sounds, tastes, dance and unforgettable experiences.

Pack your bags for a 4 night 5 day excursion throughout Havana, Cuba's main downtown center. Additional experiences available upon request.

August 31st

Flight leaves at 10 am.

Good Eats

Complimentary Meals

Your 'Casa'

Complimentary Breakfast


Epic guided tours

Convertible Tour

Experience Havana

September 4th

Returns flight leaves 2:30 pm

The second home of poets, writers and explorers from all over the world have found themselves in the enchantment of Cuba's capital city. It’s all at your disposal during this all-inclusive vacation at a romantic, adults-only resort. 

  • Tours: Rum Factory, Cigar Factory, Art Museums
  • Excursions:  Beach trips, horseback, bicycling and hiking tours
  • Dinners: Castropol, Delirious, KMZero and Y Neptune.

*24/7 Personal Driver — Maximum 100 mile daily limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. From what airport does the deal depart? How much does it cost to fly from a city that isn’t included in the deal options?  Our tour originates from the Asheville Airport (AVL) through Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Havana, Cuba (HAV).  We are able to adjust this flight itinerary as long as you are able to connect with our group in Fort Lauderdale and fly with us to Havana, Cuba.

2. Can we extend our trip before or after the promotional dates for the deal?  Yes, please contact our Chat Support Representatives for availability and pricing. The bottom right of your screen has a magenta expanding pull-out menu. Click on it, let's talk specifics.

3. Does my child need a Reservation, and can they stay in my room?  We are able to make arrangements for children under 18 years of age.

4. Can the person I’m traveling with fly from a different city?  If you are making flight arrangements then you can take advantage of XOHAVANA services independently. Check our Charter-less packages.

5. Do we have to travel with a group on XOHavana Tours?   There are many benefits to group travel and the people-to-people travel experience.  Foremost, we are able to provide our guests with insider access to experiences in Cuba the regular tourist would never find, as well as the best access to Cuba's most famous places.  This gives you a unique and truly authentic Cuban experience that is unmatched anywhere else.  However, feel free to travel within the Havana limits with your personal driver and experience Havana on your own terms.

6.  Does XOHavana offer private tours?  Our private group department is full of travel experts who have traveled extensively throughout Cuba. They can arrange every aspect of your trip, including flights, hotels and a daily itinerary of activities.  We work directly with our local partners in Cuba to make sure everything is arranged in advance and specific for your group's preferences and needs.


backpack RATE


  • Round-trip airfare from: AVL to FLL
  • Round-trip airfare from: HAV to FLL
  • 4 nights / 5 Days at a BnB
  • Complimentary Breakfast @ BnB
  • Reservation Required


( Single Rate )


  • Round-trip airfare from: AVL to FLL
  • Round-trip airfare from: HAV to FLL
  • 4 nights / 5 Days at a BnB
  • Complimentary Breakfast @ BnB
  • 4 Dinner Vouchers
  • 3 Cafe Vouchers
  • Reservation Required

( Couple Rate )


  • Includes all Single Rate - Leisure
  • 24/7 Personal Driver*
  • 8 Dinner Vouchers
  • 6 Cafe Vouchers
  • Reservation Required

All Packages Include

  • Travel VISA
  • Health Insurance
  • Taxi Service to and from José Martí International Airport (HAV)

Policies and Fees

  • Children under 17 have to be accompanied by adult.
  • Alcoholic Drinks not included.
  • Fully Amount is due April 28th, 2017.

Cancellation Policy

  • After July 30th, 2017 your purchase will be non-refundable.
  • Additional fees: Hotel transfer ($20/guest) not included. Baggage fees may apply and vary by carrier.