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We proudly feature no-hassle vouchers for fine dining and lunch experiences always minutes from where you will be staying.


Dinner Vouchers

Time to hit the town hard. With your trusty Dinner Vouchers, prepare yourself for a three-course feast at some of the finest restaurants centrally located near the Capitol.



Grab some top-shelf snacks and sit-down lunches nestled throughout the outer apartment neighborhoods of downtown. Eat from our fun selection of good bites.



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We have worked to find not only to find the best dining experience but also the simplest. That is why we streamline our dining and lunch services with food vouchers that cover your three courses. No questions asked.


Our select restaurants will honor your vouchers throughout your culinary tour of Havana. We stand by our promise. We stand by our promise by keeping our concierge ready to handle any accidental (or unexpected) situation.




Originally the famous Café Yara, KM Zero was rescued and is now better than ever. Featuring a full bar, this two story corner restaurant features many local recipe cocktails. Being centrally located just a block from the Capitol, KM Zero is a great choice for a pregame meal before hitting the town.


Located in the heart of Havana, El Guarijito is the place to be for the best musical entertainment and gourmet drinks the city has to offer. Often visited by renowned jazz musicians from bands like the Buena Vista Social Club and the Afro Cuban All Stars, this venue is our official welcome celebration.


Escape to a moment of Cuba's Spaniard past still frozen into place. The D'Lorio dining experience exemplifies the finest of wines and dinner fare with the most rustically historic venue. Top culinary meals served here with candle light and all the fixings to make it one of your most memorable nights in Havana! A delicious choice is the Fish Loin Poché with Shrimp!


Established in 1929, this fine dining experience has been a staple of the city and represents one of the finer choices for a complete dining experience. Located alongside El Malecon roadway & seawall, the ambience is majestic and romantic. The restaurant features two menus for each floor.  


Immediately adjacent to the El Guarijito, there is the fine dining experience of the Tablao de Pancho. Featuring a medley selection of Caribbean, Latin and traditional Spaniard flavors cuisine, it is the perfect compliment to the small bites during performances at El Guarijito.


Just a few paces from the Cuban National Ballet, this restaurant serves the flavors of the sea with an Italian flare. Serving both lunch and dinner, Y Prado Y Neptuno captures the locals that work in the city. Their signature dish is the Surf & Turf!



Juliana Cafeteria

Just outside the main district of the inner city, La Juliana is a fun corner cafe attracting tourists and locals alike. Featuring a delicious selection of fast food choices but with a more sit-down and enjoy ambience. Definitely try their lasagna!



Small bites and cold drinks. This quick stop cafe features hearty sandwiches and a slew of deserts. Located near the city's capital, so its the perfect place to grab a bite and continue on sight seeing experience.

los amentes

A quick stop or a full on restaurant bar, Los Amentes has a traditional cycle of quick-prepped foods. There is a side door that takes you to their full bar where always home to the latest Reggaeton beats.