mi casa. su casa. LITERALLY.

Lodging in Cuba best comes in the form of bed n' breakfast private quarters called "Casa Particulars." These gracious hosts will be honored to serve you the cherished comforts of home, Cuban-style. 


Though we have been rather spoiled in our American luxuries, XO travelers will be fitted with a fully furnished air conditioned room and a community kitchen. Additional amenities available upon request but might incur additional costs.

BREAKFAST included

Every morning, your host will have you a traditional Cuban preparation of breakfast. Just let your host the specifics of your diet restrictions, if their are any, and before heading out to your adventures, leave with a wholesome meal to send you on your way!

Meet Your Translators

Upon your arrival to your room, you will be introduced to one of our team translators here to make things easier. We can help with travel arrangements, clarifying your needs to your host, show you spots to eat or show you how to get to the beaches. We are complimentary on the first day and available for half day or full day rates afterwards. 

When you book your trip with XOHAVANA, we promise that you'll love where you'll be or we can transfer you elsewhere within 48 hours.